*SOLD* Marantz 2238B Vintage Stereo Receiver Fully Restored

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    Beautiful silver face Marantz 2238B, Stereophonic Vintage Stereo Receiver, in Excellent Condition. Marantz represented the absolute state of the art in audio technology and quality, which provides the beautiful, rich, tube-like sound. Marantz used only the finest, closest tolerance components, and internal protection circuitry lowest noise solid state devices and massive power transformers. This model has a large power transformer, heat sinks, power supply filter caps and internal protection circuitry - all signs of great power. This receiver features a very nice design feature in that the output devices are mounted on a large heat sink which will allow them to run much cooler for a longer life and tighter sound. All internal control pots and switches are super quality brand. The best brand Marantz could have picked. This Marantz Receiver is complete, with wonderful rich sound, in excellent condition both cosmetically and functionally. You can see from the photos just how beautiful this receiver is, and why it is still popular today with collectors of Marantz receivers from the Silver Era. Marantz receivers were built to last, they are as pleasurable to look at as they are listening to. Will keep you riveted to your seat. It is a fine example of Marantz's quality and craftsmanship in Stereo Receiver. It will make a fine addition to your home or office.

Functionally, This Receiver has been fully bench tested to meet all original specifications.
*All Switches and Controls have been cleaned and lubricated, there is No noise or static in any of the controls, they all work nice, smooth and perform perfectly.
*All display lamps and indicator lights are working perfectly, and fully functional. Display and stereo indicator bulbs, were replaced with new equivalents.
*All inputs, outputs and functions are fully bench tested and working perfectly. All loose, cold-solder joints especially on the input / output jacks, pots and switches have been de-soldered and re-soldered.
*Regulator and Power supply board was adjusted for correct specified output, and all large electrolytic capacitors were checked for leakage.
*Receiver voltage regulator, bridge rectifier and all Marantz original output transistors were removed, cleaned of the old zinc oxide and new heat sink compound was re-applied, allowing voltage regulator, bridge rectifier and transistors to run much cooler for a longer life.
*Power audio amp board was removed, all components were checked and all loose, cold-solder components have been de-soldered and re-soldered. All out of tolerance components were replaced as needed. Clear and equal sound in both channels.
*Phono 1 and Tape 1,2 inputs and outputs have been tested, they are working perfectly (sound strong and clear).
*Speaker protected relays was removed and cleaned and Lubricated. A dirty relay causes increased distortion.
*Receiver has No power supply hum of any kind. Unit is dead silent when no input is present.
*Adjusted and realigned FM section for optimum performance as over the years the tuner must be aligned. The tuner is extremely sensitive - FM Actually plays in stereo with working stereo light. (FM / Mono separation is amazing!)
*Even the AM reception has a very good sound, above average.
*Tuning dial string and dial pointer have been realigned.
*Receiver has a excellent safe, AC power cord.
*All knobs are original, with the exception of the volume control knob.

  I am an audio technician and specialize in building and restoring vintage equipment with over 20 years of experience. I have also been selling on Ebay (csco1166) for over 7 years with 100% positive feedback. I take pride and spend many hours in restoring vintage equipment for others to enjoy. I offer a 90 day warranty including parts and labor. After 90 day period, labor will be free of charge.

  Amplifier will be fully insured at no extra charge. Amp will be bubble wrapped, double boxed and guarded with packing peanuts. Will ship with FedEx or UPS. Usually ships the first business day after payment is made. I will email buyer tracking infomation.

Cosmetically, This Marantz Receiver is super clean throughout and will arrive looking and sounding great! The faceplate is flawless, and all lettering is crisp and clean 100% visible. Front silver face plate, Gyro-Touch flywheel, knobs and dial glass cover were cleaned and polished inside and out, they look as close to new as possible. The interior of the unit is rust-free, dust-free, and looks like new. The rear panel is also in great condition; the AM antenna adjusts properly throughout, and all connectors are shiny and uncorroded. The receiver has its original cabinet and is in excellent condition. Put it all together and you have a super-solid example of one of Marantz's finest.

Power Output: 38 Watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms
*"Gyro-Touch", flywheel tuning.
*Selector: Selector: AM, FM, Phono, Aux, Tape 2
*Bass: Independent Left, Right
*Mid: Independent Left, Right
*Treble: Independent Left, Right, Balance & VolumeSwitches:FM Muting, FM 25us, Tape 1 Monitor, Monitor: Tape, Source, Mono, Hi Filter, Loudness, Speaker System 1, Speaker System 2, PowerIndicators:
*Signal Strength, Tuning Meter, STEREO & DLB-1 (DOLBY)
*Rear Panel:
*AC Outlet Unswitched, AC Outlet Switched, Main In (L, R), Pre Out (L, R), Tape Monitor 1 In (L, R), Tape Monitor 1 Out (L, R), Tape Monitor 2 In (L, R), Tape Monitor 1 Out (L, R), Aux Input (L, R), Phono 1 Input (L, R)

Marantz 2238B Vintage Stereo Receiver Fully Restored, By WaamampS
For more info   www.waamamps.com
Any questions please email me at  waamamps@att.net

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Very nice job there waamamps .......I had my 2235B and 2245 restored/rebuilt by Tom at this link.....no longer have the 2245 though



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Re: Marantz 2238B Vintage Stereo Receiver Fully Restored
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Asking $595