Welcome to the Acoustics Circle!

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Welcome to the Acoustics Circle!
« on: 25 Aug 2009, 05:11 am »
Welcome to the Acoustics Circle here at AC! :thumb:  This forum is dedicated to the art and science of small room acoustics.  Potential topics for discussion include but aren't limited to:

- The Science of Acoustics:  Room modes, standing waves, different types of refraction and reflection, etc.

- Room Construction and Planning:  Roughing out rooms, the proper size & shape, optimal building materials, etc.

- Acoustic Treatments:  This can be commercial or DIY.

At heart this isn't a Commercial circle, so vendors of acoustics products and services should refrain from using this forum just to move products.  That said, we have some vendors here that are immensely knowledgeable, and to them I say your experience is very welcome.  I have no problem with product discussion & even recommendations, provided it's in context and you're not pushy.  Just don't shill and we won't have a problem.

There aren't many rules beyond that.  Let's be respectful to each other & keep it friendly.  I don't want any feuds,flames or name calling- let's keep it positive and constructive at all times.  Acoustics is art as well as science, so often we disagree about the best way to tackle something.  When this happens, let's have discussions instead of arguments. Keep it civil. 

So let's get some discussions going- no matter your level of experience, don't hold back.  If you have any question, even if it seems basic, please ask it.  The answer may be helpful to a lot of people.

Again, Welcome!