Welcome To Eye-Fidelity! Please Read This Message

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Welcome To Eye-Fidelity! Please Read This Message
« on: 21 Aug 2009, 03:24 pm »
Eye-Fidelity is the Circle is where you may post about photography, camera equipment, art and related visual topics.  Ask stuff about cameras, lenses, lighting, image software etc. and post images you've made.  Get the picture?  (Thanks folks, remember to tip your waitress...)

* Please do not post potentially risque material such as nude, scantily clad, sexually suggestive or otherwise embarrassment-inducing images directly within your post, provide a link instead.  Always tag the subject of such posts with NSFW (Not Safe For Work) so that no co-workers, kids or spouses out there get the "wrong idea" when eavesdropping on their favorite AC member's browsing habits.

* If you must defer use of a picture and choose instead one or more of the thousand available words to express yourself, please try to use correct spelling and grammar with those words.

Otherwise, no special rules beyond the standard AudioCircle rules apply.  If for some reason you have a conflict with another member or their posts within Eye-Fidelity please try to resolve it in private via personal message or e-mail.  If such problems cannot be resolved you may contact the moderator, "nathanm" and request his assistance.  But let's hope it never comes to that, it's just a little forum about photography after all.  Thank you! :)