KCI-kool cables Pegasus digital cable

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KCI-kool cables Pegasus digital cable
« on: 16 Jul 2009, 02:40 pm »
I'd like to share my impressions using a Kool Cables Pegasus digital cable.  I know there are a lot of fans of this cable (and their Silkworm IC's, etc.) on AC and that would have to include me.    First up, John is a very nice cat and his service is first class.  What I am buying is an older prototype of the Pegasus and John insisted that I return it (from auditioning) so he can update it for me at no additional cost.  He wanted me to have his best.   Thank you, sir.  That gets a lotta respect from me.

Of the six dig cables I have or have had in my system, his is the most open and gregarious.  It plays easy and large.  Images are separated out nicely and have a 3D quality.  That is to say that they are notably holographic and I can "see" in between and around them comfortably.   Details are as exemplary in the far field as in the near field which is most appreciated listening to classical music.  It is that ease and expansiveness to music rendered by my system using this cable that is the most endearing to me.  Like all dig cables I have owned or played with in MY system, there is some sharpness and silvery like thing going on with "T's" and sibilants.  But, it is somehow less objectionable to me, it sounds like it almost belongs (!).  This cable is confidence inspiring and music is relaxed sounding thru it.

It is replacing a Stereovox dig cable in my system.  From the comments I have read here this might be the most misunderstood cable out there.  It also has that 3D quality and separation to images where they are not tiered but appear wherever on a virtual stage.  But, its other strengths to me are further down the frequency spectrum.  It has fuller and weightier lower midrange and bass, for example, although the "human playing" is not as apparent. 

My system and I are happy to be a Kool Cables customer.   Thanks, John.  You keep making those cables now, ya hear? 

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Re: KCI-kool cables Pegasus digital cable
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Well as usual I missed this, sorry about that Jim. Thank you for taking the time to write a review, very much appreciated. I hope you're still enjoying the Pegasus and if you have any questions/requests please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you!!