Virtue Forum Guidelines

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Virtue Forum Guidelines
« on: 15 Jun 2009, 04:33 am »

Michael, Roger, and I cannot be more excited about the creation of the Virtue Audio forum on Audio Circle!  The purpose of this thread is to create guidelines that will result in our mutual benefit.

I've never moderated a forum before and I would like your permission to change these "rules" as we go along, based on what we learn doing it.  Let's just start with the goals of the forum and ask that y'all support them.  We created this forum for several reasons:

1) Allow our English-speaking customers to meet one another and build a virtuous community.
2) To share questions and answers about Virtue products.
3) To share information and ideas that would improve the product line.
4) To discuss products that are complementary to Virtue's.
5) To build industry relationships and partnerships.

Welcome and enjoy!!!
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Re: Virtue Forum Guidelines
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Good luck with the new Circle... :beer: