Undisclosed CA warranty coverage

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Undisclosed CA warranty coverage
« on: 27 Apr 2009, 08:49 pm »
This doesn't fit in this circle but I don't know where to post it now that Audio Central has died.

The subject is a CA Bill called the Song Beverly Consumer Protection Act.  The act requires vendors of new products covered by a warranty to have warranty stations within "reasonable" distance to the buyer (the word is "reasonable" or means the same).  If the subject warranty station is beyond a reasonable distance from the buyer, the vendor is solely responsible to pay for all shipping of the product to & from the warranty station related to necessary repairs/servicing resulting from warranty enforcement. 

The wording is vague, probably by design.  One could argue the exact specific distance defined by the word reasonable.  But one could also probably agree that beyond a certain distance arguing would be futile.

For buyers who have already payed for shipping or personal vehicle expense for warranty coverage, you might consider sending your friendly vendor a bill for retroactive enforcement meaning a request for payment of your shipping cost &/or personal vehicle cost per mile authorized by IRS code.

In a similar but different vein, a Utah vendor recently said the following: Let's say some business entity screws up in some way, any way.  You must contact that vendor to fix a problem for which that vendor is solely responsible, & for which you share no responsibility (accounting error, whatever...).  You may notify that vendor that you are charging them $120/hr at 1/4 hour increments, send them a bill for your time, & forward the bill to a collection agency if left unpaid.

I am not an attorney.  This is not legal advice.