Christmas Arrives Early

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Christmas Arrives Early
« on: 13 Dec 2003, 04:26 am »
I'm about to take possesion of my new IB1's (rosewood finish no less) on Sunday. My wife wished me Merry Christmas and told me to "Go for it".

Coupled with my new 7B ST's I suspect I've a very listening-oriented Xmas in my future.

I feel I should apologize for my (several) rather euphoric posts over the last week or so, but this is the first real high end gear I've ever owned so I'm pretty wired.

James Tanner

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Christmas Arrives Early
« Reply #1 on: 13 Dec 2003, 01:20 pm »
Hi Doug,

Welcome aboard as a Bryston/PMC customer.



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Christmas Arrives Early
« Reply #2 on: 17 Dec 2003, 06:21 pm »

If you ever get a chance to listen to your IB1's with a 4B-ST /SST, or a 7B-SST, I would be interested in hearing how these amps compare (versus the 7B-ST) when mated with the IB1's. I'm currently driving my IB1's with a 4B-ST (PRO). Personally I found a big difference between the 3B-ST and 4B-ST (positive) on both small and large speakers. I'm trying to decide what my next amp upgrade will be within the Bryston family.



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Christmas Arrives Early
« Reply #3 on: 18 Dec 2003, 05:53 pm »

I'm not really the one to ask about this. The only thing I've ever driven my IB1's with are the Bryston 7B ST's. My audio dealer is trying to get me to switch to McIntosh power, but I can see absolutley NO reason to do so.

I remember reading a review of the 7B SST in either Sterophile or Hi-Fi Magazine. The reviewer compared the ST model to the SST and indicated that although they were a bit different he wasn't able to state that one was better then the other. He also compared the Bryston amps very favorably to Krell amps, suggesting that both were of "reference" quality.

Perhaps others who have driven the IB1's with a variety of amps can weigh in here with an opinion.