Team play on Ghost Recon

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Team play on Ghost Recon
« on: 12 Dec 2003, 01:21 am »
Now that I am much better at finding (zoom, scanning, night vision) the enemy and aiming and shooting him, I am ready to try some of the team games such as two on two or three on three. I play some last night and got nailed by a "respawn killer" - a guy who kills newbies over and over by camping out at the respawn point and just kils you again and again as you respawn. I asked my team member about this in total frustration, and he pointedout that you have to set respawns to random. Well that is a great idea, not sure why he didn't tell me that sooner  :evil:

A frustrating thing about Ghost Recon is that there does not seem to be a lot of directioons/help out there. I hate to have to go buy a commercial book on it, but maybe I should just break down and do it.

Here are some things I have learned:

If you invite friends to your game, it decreases the number of spots available (which you choose) by each friend you invite. So only invite them if they are online at the time.

6 players or fewer seems to always give me a game with no lag time.

I can always spot a newbie by their actions.

Stats get reset every week - so anyone has a shot at being in the top 10. I have been as high as #77. But Sunday you are back to zero wins, zero kills, and 0% kill/shot ratio. I have seen as many as 35000 players with stats in a week, and if I don't play for a few hours during a prime time, I can fall precipitously in the rankings.

The game is fairly "random" in pacing the enemy. They are in certain locations, but the number of them, and their behaviour can really vary. There may be 6,7,8,9 pepople in the Bank (on the first map - the Embassy). Sometimes after I secure the Bank, there are 3 or 4 guys waiting for me outside, other times there is no one to be found.

There is a guy on the map with Priego that launches RPGs from about a mile away. He usually gets me if I am not careful, and I can't see him in the distance because of the rain.

Ghost Recon Island Thunder is addicting!