Not just bad - they are the Bad Plus.

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Not just bad - they are the Bad Plus.
« on: 13 Mar 2009, 03:42 am »

Bit off the normal hardware topics but last night I went to a show to see a group called the Bad Plus. They opened for Joshua Redman here about a year back and I had never heard of them before that show.  The drummer in particluar is just too much fun to hear and watch and since my son is a drummer but missed that show I had been wanting to take him to see them since then. It was another great show. Highly recommended if they show up nearby.  The music won't suit everyone maybe  but they really have an energy that's hard to describe and that I've not seen often. Just wanted to mention it here - anyone else out there seen or heard of the Bad Plus?




Re: Not just bad - they are the Bad Plus.
« Reply #1 on: 13 Mar 2009, 04:47 am »
Got a few of their cds, and saw them a couple times, they were on the bill along with another artist I really wanted to see/hear (Ravi Coltrane on one).
IMO, they are ok, just not my cuppa tea. Somehow I think they play to impress, and they are very good with their technique, but I always come away 'hungry', its like eating a meal that does not bring about contentment.
BUt I buy their cds every now and then, thinking maybe this will be the one to pull me in...but nah, haven't happened yet.