phase inversion

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phase inversion
« on: 9 Dec 2003, 04:41 am »
Hi ya all, what's thst way to do phase inversion. I guess it would be anther DPDT swtich in the signal path, but seems many say its important. What does everyone think?

John Chapman

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phase inversion
« Reply #1 on: 9 Dec 2003, 08:02 pm »

The phase inversion can be implemented by adding a switch in the signal to the primary BUT the tx102 MK II does not like to have phase flipped at all. The response really is degraded a lot - you'd hear a change when you flip the switch but not from the phase inversion!

The MK I trannie is fine with phase flipping so we can make those up for folks really wanting phase inversion (at the expense of the very flat ultrasonic response the MK II has). It has to do with teh winding geometry inside the transformer. I am hopeful we may have a winding geometry that will allow phase inversion and offer fairly flat ultrasonic response at some point.


John Chapman