Another hello from a new forum user with questions

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I've owned PMC FB1's for a year, and love them. I've been driving them (and my centre, surrounds, and rear surrounds) with a Sunfire Ultimate...HOWEVER...I'm about to take possesion of a pair of 7B ST's tomorrow afternoon (wahoo!). They'll be driving the mains. And I'm about 6-8 weeks from purchasing a pair of IB1's to replace the FB1's. I have three questions:

1. Should I use the FB1's for surrounds or rear surrounds (currently using Paradigm Reference bipolar surrounds and Studio 20's for rear surrounds) or is that overkill?

2. What poweramp(s) should I consider using for the other 5 channels currently driven by the Sunfire, as I intend to replace it (the Sunfire) with the Bryston 1.7.

3. Could someone please remind me what the other question was? I forget   :?:

Thank you, and hello to all of you.



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Another hello from a new forum user with questions
« Reply #1 on: 7 Dec 2003, 09:37 am »
Hello Doug

My setup is 5.1 with TLE-1 sub-woofer.
I'm about to replace my FB1s with OB1s, and use the FB1s as surrounds (replacing TB1s). I don't think it's overkill!
The centre will remain a TB1 until the OB1 centre is released.
I use a Bryston 4B-ST to drive the fronts, with a 3ch 5B-ST for centre/surrounds. I'll sell the 5B and get a 6B-SST to drive the front/centre, and use the 4B for the surrounds.
I used to have a mis-mash of surround/centre speakers (and amps) with the FB1s, but when I got all PMC/Bryston (inc SP1.7), there was an immense  improvement in the seamlessness of the surround soundstage.

What amplifier to get?  A 5ch 9B-SST, or if you want more power, a 6B-SST plus 4B-SST, or five PowerPac 300-SST.

ps I envy you your 7B-STs!


Another hello from a new forum user with questions
« Reply #2 on: 8 Dec 2003, 12:27 pm »
Quote from: afblaster
I'm about to replace my FB1s with OB1s

afblaster, I would like to read your impressions on the OB1s and how they compare to the FB1s that I know well.



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Another hello from a new forum user with questions
« Reply #3 on: 18 Dec 2003, 01:38 am »
Hi Val,
I noticed nobody had answered your question re: FB-1's vs OB-1's.
I am a PMC dealer and we've had our OB-1's in for a few weeks now. The differences are pretty substantial. Both are definitely in the PMC family in terms of tonal balance, but the OB-1 is a pretty big step up in definition, impact and bass response. You get the same big dome midrange you get in the IB-1's and a pretty substantial increase in bass impact. You also get a more extended high end. FB-1's are killer little speakers for the bucks, but take everything you like about them and expand on it pretty substantially and you have the OB-1.
Versus a pair of IB-1's?...Tough choice. IB-1's don't go as deep, but they play louder and have a bit more snap to them. Both use the same midrange and tweeter, so it comes down to the planform and bass response. OB-1's are a GREAT buy. My feeling is that if you are going to step up a bit more and REALLY step up...get into a pair of IB-2's. You get the big reference level midrange dome with the IB-2's. That is part of their reference series and is the cream of the crop. Either that, or wait for the bigger version of the OB-1 that is coming...hopefully...soon.

Kevin Enderle
The Sound Broker