Wii love Santa!

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Wii love Santa!
« on: 4 Feb 2009, 04:47 pm »
Santa (ok, mom and dad) bought my teens a Wii for Christmas. We set it up in the main room where my system is. I am now addicted!
I have never gotten into any video games but I have always liked table tennis and I am a good player. Last year I sold my table (due to space) and playing tennis on this Wii is very close to table tennis. It is great! I am almost pro at tennis and I am pro at bowling! My wife and I play all the time along with my buddies and my kids. So it is now staying in the main room. I love presents for the kids!
We have also found some of the glitches with bowling that are pretty funny. I am not into the golf, a little into baseball, but bowling and tennis are super!
I never meant it to stay in the main listening room, but it is and we now move the couch out of the playing area, put on tunes and play Wii. What a nice way to spend an evening and it gets you to move and groove!
I have been getting into video concerts almost more then just cd listening, but now with Wii, it is another way to listen to cds and enjoy the whole system!
I highly recommend Wii!