Unobtanium - some brand 's' stuff......

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John Chapman

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Unobtanium - some brand 's' stuff......
« on: 16 Jan 2009, 06:21 pm »

Few items popped up that need new homes.

First is a step-up listed in the Garage sale thread but maybe missed in there. This is a customer looking to find a new home for a 1:10 copper step-up. Price mentioned was $825 for it - fair I think. I have heard of them going for higher amounts on audiogon......

Second is an OEM that has a SILVER TX102 (volume control) and also a setup for remote controlled dual mono shallco switches for it.  This could be used diy or if you'd like I could complete it as a FLEX pre-amp here for you to your specs.  Pricing would depend on details but would be about what they used to go for I expect.

Last is a copper TX102 pair here that could be used DIY or I could build into a FLEX to your specs. Price would as above be the same as it would have been back when they were obtainable.

Just call here or e-mail and I will either work-out a build plan or hook you up with the fellows directly.