TONE Audio Review . . . Emerald XL

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Mike Dzurko

TONE Audio Review . . . Emerald XL
« on: 10 Jan 2009, 02:39 pm »
Jeff's fine review begins with:

"I have been having so much fun listening to these little speakers for the better part of the year that I got behind on the reviewing duties of my job. With more and more people asking for great compact speakers to fit on a desktop or small room, the Emerald is a hot commodity at just $800 a pair."

and ends with:

"ACI has built a tremendous reputation for more than 25 years by offering solid products with excellent customer service. The Emerald XL upholds this tradition and is an excellent value for $800 per pair, especially if you are trying to build a high quality system for a small space."

And in between, Jeff give a lot of detail that will help you get a very good feel for what these little gems can do. Read the whole review in TONE Audio Issue 19, highly recommended reading  :D
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Re: TONE Audio Review . . . Emerald XL
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Nice review. Congrats, Mike!!!


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Re: TONE Audio Review . . . Emerald XL
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I downloaded Tone and went right to the Emerald XL review. This guy Jeff is pretty sharp since he agrees with me on the Emeralds . . .  killer!  Seriously, it is a must read for anyone who wants a good idea of what these speakers are capable of. And, I've become a Tone convert. It is a heck of a great read. Lots of good stuff on equipment and music. I've got some ideas of music to pick up now. I will be going back and reading previous issues as I have time.

Congratulations ACI on another most excellent review!