Stands For De Capo i

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Stands For De Capo i
« on: 28 Nov 2003, 04:18 pm »
I am seriously thinking about buying a pair of De Capo's. Reviewed the previous posts of this group, and there does not seem to be many recommendations for the Stands. I am assuming that 24" with my spikes would make the overall height at 25" + would be preferred.

Please note I would have to buy the speakers unheard since i have no Dealer close by but I have owned a similar pair of Reference 3a's previously a number of years back.

Have seen some nice comments concerning the Skylan Stands but I would have to import them from Canada to California, USA without seeing them.

Would like to hear what you have been happy using as Stands for the De Capo's.



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stand height
« Reply #1 on: 29 Nov 2003, 01:34 am »
I have done quite a lot of experimenting with stand height on the de Cappos and there is no one right answer. I started with 24" stands and the speakers do sound excellent at this height. However, moving up to 28" does open up the midrange and smooth out the top end a little. At this height, in my set-up, the tweeter is just slightly above ear level. You lose a little bass reinforcement (the woofers are higher from the floor) at the higher levels so which height you prefer may be a matter of taste. I think Divergent Tech. recommends 26 to 28 inch stands and I am quite certain that all the printed reviews recommend about the same (of course, the reviewers may just be repeating the distributor's instructions).
In the last few days I have been listening to the de Cappos on the 24" stands but the stands are placed on two patio stones, which effectively raises the tweeter height above the floor to 40".  There is that slight reduction in bass but everything else at this height (midrange, image etc.) is simply superb.


Stands For De Capo i
« Reply #2 on: 4 Dec 2003, 07:23 pm »
I bought my MM De Capo I's used and they came with the Osiris 24" stands.  They seem to work very well and are extremely solid.


where the hell have you been? ...
« Reply #3 on: 13 Sep 2004, 12:33 am » may all rightly ask...

Well, around... and horrifically busy. BAD moderator!  :nono:

Anyway, I wrote this up a long time ago, and Noel asked me to post it somewhere, so here goes. Might as well get read here rather than languish forever on my hard drive.


After finally deciding that my old Lovans weren't high enough (and after becoming tired of stacking books and other knickknacks to adjust the height) I got the opportunity to try Noel Nolan's Skylan stands that he markets specifically for (or at least inclusive of) the De Capos. Given their sensitivity to height, a more-or-less tailor-made stands makes sense.
The assembly was a straight-forward process; the tensioned center threads are a very logical way to ground the top and bottom. Adding sand filler (not optional!) is also said to create a 'vibration sink' whereby vibration from the top plate is absorbed before it reaches the bottom of the stands.
Visually, the stands are unassuming, and the rounded corners (on every surface) create a pleasing look and feel. The matte black finish is attractive, if not stunning, and ultimately just gets out of the way of aesthetics of the rest of the system. The visual synergy with my gloss black De Capos was excellent.
Of note on the top plate is the absence of spikes, threads, or the typically useless smooth surface. Nolan has adapted an unusual trio of extremely hard magnets. The result? No scratches, no leveling, and no sticky junk; just a very rigid connection between stand and speaker. I found that I preferred the sound of this coupling to bluetak, vibrapods; even to my expensively polished granite plinths that were mating my last stands to the de capos. I didn't experiment with any high-end cones, points, etc; I suppose there's always room for improvement or at least change in the area of coupling, but I believe these stands have a very effective (and simple) coupling system. One caveat is that if you knock the speakers about, there is no sticky stuff which might (or might not) hold them in place.
With the included spikes attached (which aren't shiny but, I'm told, extremely hard), the top plate is around 25". The jury's still out on the best height for the De Capos (it probably varies with room acoustic), but this is definitely in the zone. In my room, I haven't really found a (definitively) better height.

So how do they sound? In a word, great. It's hard to sort out what's what when you're changing materials, height and coupling mechanism all at the same time, but I found the Skylans to offer excellent, tight bass, imaging as good as anything else, and a lack of impact on tonal balance that allows the speaker's own voicing to come through.
Another note: Noel mentioned the possibility of making these to measure (since the posts are extruded polymer, it's just a matter of a different cut). If I were a little adventurous and a lot exacting, Noel is the guy I'd call for a pair of bespoke stands.

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Stands For De Capo i
« Reply #4 on: 13 Sep 2004, 07:05 am »
The Skyland do resemble the Target R4 stands. Nice


Stands For De Capo i
« Reply #5 on: 15 Sep 2004, 10:21 pm »
What about Solidsteel? I'm very happy with the SS-6 stands.


How about Sound Anchors?
« Reply #6 on: 1 Nov 2004, 05:46 pm »
I have those with my DeCapo's and they look very good on them and complement the sound.


Stands For De Capo i
« Reply #7 on: 1 Nov 2004, 05:47 pm »
In the above post , I meant to say that about Sound Anchor stands.


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Stands for deCapo
« Reply #8 on: 13 Nov 2004, 02:28 am »
I recently purchased MM deCapo-i speakers in piano black. I have the 24" Skylan stands. Even though the MMs are still breaking in they still sound pretty good. I will give you my opinion of the Skylans after the speakers settle in and I find the perfect placement. I will then fill with sand and spike to 25" height. Only then can I truely evaluate the stands.


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Stands For De Capo i
« Reply #9 on: 14 Oct 2005, 11:52 pm »
I've had the Skylan stands under my Dulcets for a couple of months now; the 28",  2-post version, loaded with 25 or 30lb of fine sand each.  They replaced a reputable brand of metal stand.  The difference has been quite startling, and all to the good; on the order of a major speaker upgrade.  I thought the Dulcets sounded good before; I've been delighted and amazed at how much more music sings out from on top of these stands; a much better focus, greater liveliness.

On the strength of that, I ordered Skylan's  damping board, with the ceramic 'mushrooms'.  I placed these under my Naim CD5x; the mushrooms supporting the chassis of the component, set on the board.  Again, improvement on the order of a box upgrade.  Most notable was the dead silent background to the music, experienced subjectively as greater revelation of detail, greater dynamic range in the music, greater depth in the soundstage.

These have been the most cost-effective upgrades imaginable.  And, Noel at Skylan is a pleasure to deal with.