John Chapman your new interconnects

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John Chapman your new interconnects
« on: 26 Nov 2003, 12:51 am »
John: moray james here. I thought that I shoud ask you what length you would like your two sets if interconnects to be? Given the passive front end lots of folks like to keep them as short as possible. Please mail me back as soon as you can . I have a cryo on the go and if you let me know now I can probably get them in right away. Best regards moray james. :?:

John Chapman

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John Chapman your new interconnects
« Reply #1 on: 26 Nov 2003, 04:04 pm »

I've e-mailed the info to you - please let me know if it did not make it to you and I'll call. The transformer passives are much more forgiving of a longer cable than resistor based passives due to the lower output impedance at typical level settings.  Still I am not a big fan of long interconnects so I tend to keep them on the short side.