Dead silent dedicated Linux music server for USB DAC's.

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Bill Wayson

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Re: Dead silent dedicated Linux music server for USB DAC's.
« Reply #820 on: 17 Jan 2013, 09:28 pm »
     Thanks for your reply.  I'd like to spend what is necessary for a good DAC, but funds are tight right now.  I've done some research, and it appears that I ought to avoid the Alix boards with built-in VGA for EMI reasons.  So, it looks like the 3D3 is out.  I will look at the DAC you suggest -- $150 might be doable.  I've also seen recommendations for the Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC, around $50 US, as a good, cheap DAC.  I'll compare the two.


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Re: Dead silent dedicated Linux music server for USB DAC's.
« Reply #821 on: 8 Oct 2013, 11:09 am »
Hi everybody,

This thread seems abandoned, but since it's topic is spot on, I'll use it for my first post on Audio Circle: I really need some help regarding the setup of my Voyage MPD starter kit.

I'm a total newbie regarding Linux, so maybe I shouldn't have tried MPD in the first place, but ... I still did, please be patient!

My music files (flacs) are on a Synology ds213, IP NFS rights for MPD (IP are contributed to the share, baptised 'muzieknas'.

Using Putty I tried to follow the steps in par. 4.1 of the Getting Started Guide that I got with my starter kit from Punky.

I managed to change the fstab using vi, and added: /mnt/muzieknas nfs rw,noatime   0   0

# mkdir /mnt/muzieknas
# mount -a

# ln -s /mnt/muzieknas/  /var/lib/mpd/music/muzieknas

# chmod -R ugo+r /mnt/muzieknas
After the last step, MPD stated:   
chmod: changing permissions of `/mnt/muzieknas/': Operation not permitted
After that all the music files were found but with every file MPD stated:
chmod: changing permissions of `/mnt/muzieknas/King Crimson/Red/Starless.flac':                                                                                         Operation not permitted

What did I do wrong? What did I miss?

Can someone here help me?

Thanks for your time!




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Re: Dead silent dedicated Linux music server for USB DAC's.
« Reply #822 on: 9 Oct 2013, 07:18 am »
Hello Marc,

Welcome to AudoCircle.

First off your chmod -R might not work if the numerical values of the user id doesn't match that of the mpd server, so really not the right approach. Also I think you need to have 'auto' or 'defaults' in the options for mount -a to automatically mount it.    NFS configured incorrectly can be a security nightmare.  I would actually avoid using NFS especially if you are new to linux and steer you to just using SAMBA (aka smb or cifs) since it works very well with windows, macs and linux without much effort.  If you've enabled SMB on your NAS and can mount the drive with your windows or mac machine then you can update the fstab with the following:

Code: [Select]
#SMB/CIFS flavor that will mount the NAS volume as user and group "mpd" and is read-write.
//MUZIEKNAS.LOCAL/volume1/muzieknas /mnt/muzieknas cifs auto,rw,uid=mpd,gid=mpd,credentials=/etc/fstab.nas.credentials 0 0
*//MUZIEKNAS.LOCAL is the SMB name that should just work, but might need to use the IP address or IP= option.
**/volume1/muzieknas should be something simple like Music and will match what you can see in windows explorer or the finder.
*'rw' is read write, consider using 'ro' for read-only if you don't need the RW from that machine.
*'uid' is the user id on the mpd server.  I actually just use my account here, but it's okay to use 'mpd'
*'gid' is the group id on the mpd server.  This will most likely be mpd be default.  I actually add the 'audio' group to user accounts and mpd since this resolve other issues
*'credentials' points to a locked down file only readable by root that contains user id, password and domain to the NAS and is in the following format:
Code: [Select]
You can also secure the file by doing a 'chown root:root <file>' and a 'chmod 600 <file>' if desired.
To confirm that everything worked you can type ls -laF /mnt/ to see the permissions and ownership.  Also repeat ls -laF deeper in the directory tree. 

You can read the help pages by typing "man fstab" or "man mount" or "man mount.cifs" for more options

Snippet from my fstab file for both an atom and raspberry pi linux mpd servers connecting to my Synology NAS:
Code: [Select]
# Radio Free Network
//NAS.LOCAL/MUSIC    /mnt/nas/music   cifs         defaults,ro,uid=radio,gid=audio,credentials=/etc/fstab.nas.credentials 0 0
//NAS.LOCAL/HOMES    /mnt/nas/homes   cifs         defaults,uid=radio,gid=users,credentials=/etc/fstab.nas.credentials 0 0
//NAS.LOCAL/BACKUPS  /mnt/nas/backups cifs         defaults,uid=radio,gid=users,credentials=/etc/fstab.nas.credentials 0 0



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Re: Dead silent dedicated Linux music server for USB DAC's.
« Reply #823 on: 11 Oct 2013, 08:51 am »
Thanks Jim! The lines I used I didn't make up myself, they're tried, tested and suggested by a trustworthy source. They should work, apparently for some reason they don't. The SAMBA-approach you suggest is indeed also an option. Thanks for pointing me in that direction - if it's also more safe, then that's certainly something I will try. I hope this weekend I'll have some time to experiment.

Thanks again!




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Re: Dead silent dedicated Linux music server for USB DAC's.
« Reply #824 on: 14 Oct 2013, 10:21 am »
Hi Jim,

I got it working. Apart from you I also got tips over at Computer Audiophile and from Punky Tse. Punky's was the easiest to implement, so I tried it first. He suggested to use # chmod -R ago+r /mnt/muzieknas instead of ugo+r. It did the trick ... not that I know what it did, really ;-)

However, your suggestion to use SAMBA still is an option I want to try. Not immediate, now that I've got MPD going, but certainly in the near future.

First - music. I sat down last night to do a bit of serious listening. MPD seems to me to deliver a cleaner, more detailed sound and a blacker background, compared to the Sony Vaio laptop I used thus far with my Ayre qb-9. Great!

Thanks again!



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Re: Dead silent dedicated Linux music server for USB DAC's.
« Reply #825 on: 21 Mar 2021, 04:33 am »
Hi everyone,

I wonder those who are regular visitors to this particular post can help me. I own a silent PC running Daphile Free software,
It can:
1. Steam music incl. Spotify
2. Headless(i.e access from remote PC)
3. Difficult to run Youtube software hence Youtube music streaming service
4. and many other features

It can't
1. I can't run Youtube Music
2. Youtube music streaming service is superior to Spotify in term of sound reproduction.

I know of many other streaming services but I refer to Youtube music cos I already subscribe to Youtbe Service. and cheaper without paying for other services.

My query:
Is there a Linux based software that can provide:

1. Running Youtube Music service
2. operate as a music streamer
3. Access from remote PC ie headless
4. Must sound good.

I own Chromebook, Remote Desktop feature is not that useful.

IF so list the possible software pkgs and the sites I can find more info like installation, charges, etc. Thanks in advance.