Daedalus Ulysses @ RMAF show 2008

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Daedalus Ulysses @ RMAF show 2008
« on: 27 Sep 2008, 11:47 pm »
Daedalus will be showing the Ulysses speaker at the RMAF show in our usual room 1030 as well as in the Clayton Audio room (1021). we weren't completely done with the design on these last year, but they are done now!  no more tweeks and with new internal wire etc.  all the current models are DONE.

in room 1030 we'll be showing the Ulysses speaker with Dynamic Design cables and Art Audio preamp and DAC as well as the Manley 250's. i wanted to use high power tube amps this year and with Clayton showing the Ulysses, people can hear both great SS class A and Tube sound through these speakers in two different rooms. i used the Claytons at the Las Vegas show in January and they are a great match, as are the Manleys.
Bill from Dynamic Design, Joe Fratus and David from ArtAudio and Albert from Manley Labs will all be joining me in the room. (probably not all at once... unless there's beer involved! )
David Gill of ArtAudio built a custom power supply etc for the squeezebox duet which will be our main source. it sounds great! btw we'll also have a player hooked up for cd's.

btw the guys at Clayton have promised the loan of an S-40 amp so we can show that in the room by appointment. i'm looking forward to hearing that one in the system.

see you there,

lou hinkley
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Re: Daedalus Ulysses @ RMAF show 2008
« Reply #1 on: 16 Oct 2008, 09:41 pm »

Great to see you again AND to see/hear your speakers. We still want to do that review we discussed.

James Darby