Need High Eff. Coming from Jordans

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Need High Eff. Coming from Jordans
« on: 6 Sep 2008, 02:56 am »

I have been using Jordan JX92S in a small sealed box mated with a sub for a couple years. The most they have ever had on them was about 40w but I actually preferred a TA2024 t-amp on what, maybe 6w max? So, as you can tell I am not some hardcore loud freak.

I am in the process of building a 2-4w SE amp and I know this will be pushing just too far so I am looking for something with a little more efficiency.

What Omega speaker, if any, will most closely match the sound of my Jordans...or exceed it...that I have no problem with.

I would prefer a smaller speaker still, but from what I can see the Omegas look nice so I could deal with a floor-stander.