Anyone got an extra old version of PS 9.0 power supply?

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Hi All,

I got Pioneer DV45a tube mod and LC audio XO2 clock upgrade from Dan back in late 2003.  Later, I did the passive I-V conversion mod with a resistor, and adjusted the gain higher since the passive I-V has much lower gain.  It is now an excellent player except that there is a very sightly hum (due to higher gain) and power supply noise.  To reduce hum, I need to improve the tube power supply.  However, the tube power supply is inside of the player, and there is lack of space inside for any further improvement.  Therefore, I would like have an outboard power supply (like the tube mod for Denon 2900, 5900.. Sony 999ES...)

If anyone of you have an extra power supply available for me, can you please let me know?