Assassins Creed

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Assassins Creed
« on: 28 Jul 2008, 02:45 pm »
Ive run out of buying new games so I am going through the used Library at GameStop... This is a great game, with an intriguing storyline. You are being held hostage in a pharmaceutical company and they are trying to extract a specific memory from your ancestor. The experiences of past lives are held within your genetic code and the one they need is unacessable. So you must go to the nearest memory and work forward by placing yourself in a machine that allows the recreation of the past life. You were an assassin in the middle east and there are several kingdoms vying for power with plenty of internal struggles. You start out super powerful, but because of your lack of respect for the creed of the assassin you are stripped of all your ranks/power and must work your way back up. All is not as it seems though. Besides being held in a pharmaceutical company, you are confronted by your targets telling you they were doing good and not evil raising the question, well what is really up?
Very cool story. Thats where Im at in it so I dont know the ending. Well worth the 20 bucks I paid.