Newbee Needs Help on Building a FryKleaner

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Newbee Needs Help on Building a FryKleaner
« on: 6 Nov 2003, 02:46 am »
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to build the FryKleaner as my first DIY electronic project.  I have no experience or background in this.  I got all the parts and have 2 questions:

1.  Can somebody explain how to wire the rotary switch?  Reading the manual made me more confused on which to connect to what.  It talks about "inner rings", "outer terminals", "position 1";  all these are foreign to me.

2.  Looking at the assembled picture of the FryKleaner at the website, and also looking at the "hole drilling guide" page,  there are 6 holes to be drilled.  The front 4 are for the 4 RCA terminals, the center one is for the rotary switch, but for the life of me, what's the rearmost hole for?

Please be gentle, i'm trying to learn this stuff (electronics and DIY projects).  Thanks a lot for all the help.  Happy listening.


Newbee Needs Help on Building a FryKleaner
« Reply #1 on: 6 Nov 2003, 06:38 am »
The rear hole is for the dc power jack (from wall-wart).

If you have the rotary switch in front of you, the directions should start to make some sense.  Ok, ok, so it ain't the best manual in the world.  

jh :)