Clear Day Cables

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Clear Day Cables
« on: 9 Jul 2008, 02:45 am »
Just wanted to give a heads up on some speaker cables that offer some great bang for the buck.
Paul, of Clear Day Cables offers silver speaker wire in single, shotgun and biwire runs that go a
great deal farther than my trusty ol' Mapleshade Clearviews could ever dream of.
Case in point: when I played Anouar Brahem's Thinner, with Dave Holland on upright bass,
it was so weak and distant, that I had to use my sub with the crossover raised to around 90 and the
volume turned up halfway just to get it in the same league with the oud and clarinet. With the Single
Run Clear Day cables in place, I was floored at what I heard. Rich, tuneful and ballsy bass with no
sub, and it was just as loud, with presence galore. Everything benefits from the insertion of these
cables and lets my Red Wine 30.2 really strut its stuff with the Horns. For my taste, the single runs
seem to be the ticket, but I can see where the shotgun version would benefit other systems that are
looking for that tube sound or need more meat on dem der bones.
My Horns seem like new speakers (I know, I've said that before with the RWA 30.2) as the music is
so much fuller. Everything, and I mean, everything from my Horns is in a different league and
nothing is lost, compromised or sacrificed as a result.
They are silver cables (around 24 ga.) in a loose PET tube so air is the primary dialectric with simple
banana or spade connectors. Nothing fancy or exotic as what he uses seems to do the trick as
anything else he tried didn't improve the sound.
Paul is quite busy with orders, but like Ed and Vinnie, is great to talk to and prompt in his shipping. I couldn't
find his listing on A'gon anymore but you can reach him at
Believe me, Horn owners, do yourself a favor and try these cables. They will amaze you.


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Re: Clear Day Cables
« Reply #1 on: 9 Jul 2008, 06:43 am »
I believe Paul/vonwaffen is a member here.... :thumb:



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Re: Clear Day Cables
« Reply #3 on: 9 Jul 2008, 03:17 pm »
Paul is a member here. (user name vonwaffen).   I have his cables and currently use them, in shotgun mode, as my umbilicals for my Revelations (crossover to speaker) and they are wonderful.  I used Paul's method (gained from none other than Bob Smith) of twisting the red/black leads over each other, then each run, in a fashion where the braiding is looser at the amp (or in my case, crossover) end and tighter as you move toward the speaker.  They sound great, have a wonderfully smooth quality, and are huge value leaders.


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Re: Clear Day Cables
« Reply #4 on: 9 Jul 2008, 04:24 pm »
I have a pair of Paul's shotgun wires due to arrive tomorrow. I'm looking forward to hearing these. Silver and air dialectric, that should be a winning combination.


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Re: Clear Day Cables
« Reply #5 on: 14 Jul 2008, 06:20 am »
I have JPS Superconductor+ speaker cable now. How does Clear Day Double Shotgun compare?


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Re: Clear Day Cables
« Reply #6 on: 1 Sep 2008, 08:16 pm »
Running clear day double shotgun for ~80 hours.... they outperforms van den hull clearwater and audioquest type 4.2 I had before. Paul is respectable Master. Recomend!
Notice- it is important to give burn at least 80 hours- only than you notice the difference. Ervins (Riga, Latvia)