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Louis O

« on: 3 Nov 2003, 02:07 pm »
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post some news. Things have been pretty hectic at the shop.

My shop at 327 Main Ave. is going retail and all the industrial shops have to move. I did find a new shop on Main Ave. just down the street so it's still very easy to find. The new shop is smaller so the sound room has to move to my house. This is no problem at all and if you want to vist we will have to go to the house to listen. I have to be in the new shop by Dec. 1.

I will be attending the CES/T.H.E. show in Las Vegas this January and will be in Room 2001 building 10 at the ST. Tropez. Tom from Hudson Audio, The two bald guys Audio and Audio Advancements will be with me as well as Hans Henry Morch. Should be a great time and please stop by if your attending the show.

I will be adding an accesories page very soon on the website. This will include Hudson Audio cables and some new platforms for electronics and turntables.

Many Thanks,


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« Reply #1 on: 7 Nov 2003, 11:28 am »

Sounds like things are going well, glad to hear that.

Several of us would like to know how much the new 3 BPC cost.



Louis O

« Reply #2 on: 20 Nov 2003, 12:56 pm »

Thanks and things are going well. The move is driving me nuts though. It's really time consuming to move a wood shop and getting the shop set up. I also have to give up my SCM saw which I really like because the new shop isn't wired in 3 phase. The good thing is the new shop is much more convient and easy to get to.

Sorry about not posting the price of the Super 3 BPC. I'm starting out at $1099/pair.

I also have a lot of 2-way speaker cabinets that I built before Omega and I would hate to throw them out, so if anyone is interested and able to stop by the shop please let me know.

More news:

I will be switching to Klotz internal wiring on the R models. This cable is very sweet and sounds great with the speakers.

I will be adding an accessories page to the site soon that will include cables, Skylan stands and new platforms for amps and turntables.

This coming issue of Vacuum Tube Valley will have a review on the Grande/Super 8

Thanks again and Best Regards,