Seeking opinions on Omega speakers compared to C&C Abby

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I'm looking for high effiecient speakers to pair with my DRD SET 300B amp. I've heard the Abby and like them very much, and probably will  go with them soon if nothing better comes up. I hear lot of good things about Omega speakers and the prices are litle bit less expensive than the Abby but I can't find any dealer to listen to them. The Omega bipole Super3BPCs look very interesting as I know that bipole speakers produce incredible soundstage which the Abbys seem to be good but not great in this area.  

I prefer Jazz, vocals, classical and soft music - no rock, so bass is not at all important to me.  My listening room is 12'x16'x8'.

I'm aware that this forum is for Omega fans but I'd like to hear your opinions comparing Omega speakers to the Abby or other single-drive high-efficiency speakers.

Thank you.


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Seeking opinions on Omega speakers compared to C&C Abby
« Reply #1 on: 2 Nov 2003, 11:23 am »
My background:

Prefer high efficiency speakers (seem to provide better dynamics).

Prefer single driver speakers (more coherent, direct connection to the amp).

Don't like whizzers (more on a theoretical basis than from what I've heard).

Heard the Abby's, TS-1, and Super 3 at the 2003 Midwest Audio Fest:

The Abbys were set up in a 2,500 cu. ft. room with residental sort of furnishings and sounded very nice.

The Omegas were in a 5,000 cu. ft., plain conference room and still sounded good although the Super 3 ran out of umph, especially in regard to bass output.

The TS-1 was warmer, but lacked the level of detail found in the Super 3.

The amount of bass output (within restricted volume levels in that big room) from the 4.5 inch diameter driver of the Super 3s was amazing.

The Super 3 preferred tube to solid state amplification (don't know about digital).  I suspect that this is the case with all Fostex drivers.

Omega speakers require stands, but probably have higher WAF.

Workmanship of the Omega cabinets is beyond reproach, but Cain & Cain takes it to the next level.  Louis (Omega) has more options for finishes and is flexible to build pretty much anything you want.


Any of these speakers would require a sub for symphonic sessions.  Told Louis at MAF that the Super 3 with a sub would be ideal for me.

The Super 3 BPC is probably the best Omega yet with it's extra bass and flexibility.