Split for XLR?

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Split for XLR?
« on: 17 Jun 2008, 01:48 am »
Hope you guys can help me out. I have B&K ref 50 pre/pro it is 7.1, I connect to a Sunfire TGA 5400 with Xlr. The Sunfire amp has 5 amps each with 400 watts, this means I am using 5.1 at this time. I am in the middle of building an Line arrayfor the front L&R and I would like to bi-amp the new fronts using 4 of the amps from the Sunfire leaving the last for the center channel. I have a denon 3806 that I will use to power the 4 surrounds and this way I will be 7.1 again. Here are my questions, is there a splitter for the xlr?, don't I have to run the same signal to 2 amps for each front? does this degrade the signal? or am I missing something?...... I have a Denon 2930ci that I currently use for dvd and Cd and I realize that I will have to use rca, from the 2930 to the B&K to the 3806 for the surrounds. As you can tell I am just starting with this higher end stuff.
While I have your attention I am considering buying a MHZS CD 88F ,for my music, from Pacific Valve & electric co. There are some good reviews on the net does anybody have any first hand listening experience?