Ninja Gaiden II

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Ninja Gaiden II
« on: 10 Jun 2008, 12:01 am »
Its a good game, kind of choppy gameplay though. Not in framerate, just the way the game flows. First body parts are flying everywhere, arms, legs, beheadings, they have never been so much fun. Then all of a sudden... sayy Chapter 3, the boss is near impossible to beat.. Oh then more beheadings, flying legs... tearing stomachs out. I giggle with the thoughts of such carnage. Then Chapter 4 boss... wholly bejesus...
Ok they are not impossible to beat after a half hour of dying and gritting your teeth that you might just win. If you dont up your weapon level-- forget about beating any boss. Focus on that. Initially I had to start all over after reading peoples gripes about the difficulty level of bosses.
The weapons are plentyful and grow as you go through the game. The storyline is ehh. Nothing special.
Wall walking, pipe swinging, underwater swimming, water walking (a little quicker than jesus did, hehe..)
Id say 7.8 out of 10, mostly for the cool monsters and their flying body parts.


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Re: Ninja Gaiden II
« Reply #1 on: 25 Oct 2008, 07:05 pm »
that's how Ninja games are. You should become a ninja to beat the game :lol:
I played the first version of PS3 and loved it. However, i won't try the hard level (too hard  :wink:)