3 channels of Odyssey power for $1000?

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3 channels of Odyssey power for $1000?
« on: 28 Oct 2003, 10:17 pm »
I'm helping a friend set up a large H/T room, and we're down to the selection of amps. He already has an Adcom 2535 4 channel amp for side and rear channels, but we're looking for some decent amps for the fronts.

I had his speakers on my Xtreme monos for breakin, and was starting to think through all the options Klaus has to offer, but I simply can't find a way to get amplification for 3 channels (3 identical speakers). the HT3 is too expensive, two used Stereo STratos are too expensive as well, so are three monos. What about the new amps -  two Karthagos, using just one channel in one of them?

We're talking 2-way box speakers with two 6.5" woofers (Madisound "Big AV" kit), 40 foot speaker wires in-wall (12awg Carol fire rated wire), and the source will be an Outlaw 950 7.1 preamp.

I just don't feel good about buying some used old Adcom GFA 555 for his fronts.

A 3 channel Karthago maybe?