[b]The Arrival[/b]

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[b]The Arrival[/b]
« on: 25 Oct 2003, 03:04 pm »
Since July I have waited like a kid on Christmas Eve.  Waiting for two large white boxes to arrive. Then all of a sudden, the sound of squeaking brakes of a big brown truck. Could it really be true? Yes! As I watched the guy in brown shorts carry the boxes, one at a time, to my door I felt giddy all over. After listening to his disdain that I live on a hill and something about a workers comp injury, he placed the boxes inside my door. My first peer into the box was welcomed with a gasp. These suckers are big! After visiting my local Hertz Equipment Rental and the use of a small forklift, I had them in my stereo rack. Following a call to my local electric company, that I would soon be adding a major load to the western grid, I plugged them in and turned on the switch. Ahhh, what a beautiful blue.  I just sat and admired these two titans, contemplating the test drive.   :D  More to follow…..