NonameHifi Resonance Absorbing Balls (NRAB)

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NonameHifi Resonance Absorbing Balls (NRAB)
« on: 8 Apr 2008, 11:31 am »

Problem :
Energy can be defined as the capacity for doing work. It may exist in a variety of forms and may be transformed from one type of energy to another. These energy transformations are constrained by a fundamental principle, the Conservation of Energy principle. One way to state this principle is "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed". Another approach is to say that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant. A truly isolated system implies a collection of matter which does not interact with the rest of the universe at all and as far as it’s known, there are really no such systems. But form of the energy could be changed. Vibration energy can be transmitted to heat energy by an isolation system. All materials will resonate. The resonant properties of the materials themselves differ. Damping qualities of the material or construction determines how the enclosure will sound. A silk dome tweeter sounds different then Beryllium or aluminum. Natural wood’s resonant characteristics are much different then brass, steel or other metals. The real solid wood resonates itself, that’s why it is not used for speaker production. Resonance characteristics of solid wood The idea of semi active dampers (or shock absorbers) has been in existence for more than two decades. Introduced by Karnopp and Crosby in early 70’s, semi active dampers have most often been studied and used for vehicle primary suspension systems. Look at Eraudio Review

NonameHifi Resonance Absorbing Balls (NRAB):

NRABs are semi active dampers (or shock absorbers) unlike spikes, NRAB’s do not ground vibrations in the vertical and horizontal level but they actually absorb them. Spikes work in one side. Unlike spikes, NRAB’s work in both sides and as far as they are placed under the components, they will open up the soundstage, increase dynamics and reduce excessive bass at the room. When resonances of the component or audio rack are transmitted through the wooden ball, wooden ball wants to vibrate in sympathy with the harmonic distortion and literally steals the energy from the component. The energy is then is damped out and turned into heat by the C37 treated woods natural damping coefficients. The NRAB’s consists of two parts: The 1-1/2" diameter of wooden ball made of pendula wood and the porcelain (not ceramic) plate. Wooden balls are specially treated with C37 lacquer. It takes several weeks before the lacquer become "stable". The balls function as a shock absorber for resonances and vibrations. The ball sucks vertical vibration from top and the bottom and absorbs by vibrating itself. As the component is placed on the NRAB, the vibration energy contacts the ball by the component and by the audio rack and absorbed at the ball without crossing other side.

What benefits should be expected? :

NRABs are designed to improve the performance of audio and video components such as CD players, CD transports, DACs, amplifiers, preamplifiers and DVD players by reducing resonance and vibration. NRAB’s are packed in sets of four. NRAB’s dramatically increase transparency, air, blackness and dynamics. They will open up the soundstage, increase dynamics and reduce bass boom.

How and where to use?

NRABs will be stabilized after a little travel in second and will make two single contact points between component and the audio rack. If desired, one drop of Alteco Glue may fix the ball onto the plate. Balls have to contact flat surface of the audio equipment but not under the feet. Attention: NRABs should not be used under loudspeakers. Loudspeakers have slightly different resonant characteristics due to they produce sounds. They should be strongly connected to floor

Price :

Recommended sales price of a box of 4 NRAB is US$ 109+Postage. Full money back guarantee in 30 Days.


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