Neoya X2VGA review

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Neoya X2VGA review
« on: 11 Oct 2003, 01:29 am »
I have had this little guy connected to my x-box, 19" monitor and H/K 520 for 3 weeks now.  It is a great product, for about $70 bucks it really kicks KOTOR and Burnout2 into HDTV resplendance.
Here is the link to the co. and their overview

Really simple instructions with some cautions regarding when to turn on the box and the neoya, or it could fry one or both of them :nono:
Anyway, I have not done any permanent damage :mrgreen:
The picture quality is twice that of my regular tv, which is a godsend when I am blazing along at 160 mph on city streets on the wrong side of the road.  I really love Burnout2, plus the cops are all at the donut shop, so no tickets.
With Kotor the picture is less of a necessity, but it sure does make the game alot more immersive.
Plus it has digital out so my 626's and LRC get their workout as well.  But alas my OSW had to stay in Columbus.  
Yes, I did buy KOTOR!  another fine purchase, with comments in that Topic.
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Neoya X2VGA review
« Reply #1 on: 11 Oct 2003, 01:33 am »
Looks cool.  I don't actually have a true HD set yet, though. :oops:   When I do purchase one it'll probably be a smaller, cheaper set for use in my B-room rig (for gaming and the odd movie or football game).