Revelation Audio Labs A/C Mains PC initial impressions

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Revelation Audio Labs just released their new A/C Mains power cables designed specifically for digital source components (transports, DAC's and their power supplies, etc.). They are currently selling at the introductory retail price of $379. More info on them can be found here. Given my previous experience with their I2S cables, I decided to give the power cables a shot, and see what this company was really capable of.

Well the cables just arrived today. I bought two, for my transport and DAC’s power supply. The connectors were extremely solid, as was expected, given the level of their connectors with their I2S cables (which are just on a whole different level, compared to the chintzy connectors of the other I2S cables out there). But on to what really matters…the sound!

So I plugged the cables in, and all I can say is WOW!!! The first thing that jumped out at me was how much fuller the sound became. There was an increase in air as well. This was most apparent with horns, in which the realism of the sound from the airiness, besides just tone, improved. And as much as it is difficult to define, and has become extremely cliché in the audiophile world, musicality took a big step up.

The blackness to the sound enhanced, creating more precise imaging, and a further extension in depth. Dynamics, especially micro-dynamics, and the transient response all strengthened. These elements all helped better the attack, slam, and texture of the sound. All of the finger-work, strumming, and plucking on the acoustic guitar became more apparent, helping to display the guitarist’s artisanship. Bass also tightened and the control truly intensified. Every note on the upright bass was clean and clear, while the bass drum was allowed to really show why it is also referred to as the “kick” drum. Sustain remained perfect, allowing the cymbals to really shine and reveal all of the overtones.

What struck me the most though, was the increased realism and balance. There were no negatives to the addition of these cables, unlike some power products, which is extremely important to me.

While this was only in comparison to the stock cables, I have auditioned a fair amount of other power cables, and found quite a few not to my liking. I do intend to compare the A/C Mains with some other very well regarded power cables, and will likely provide my results in due time. However, I would not hesitate to recommend trying one out for yourself. These cables are certainly worth every penny IMO. Of course as usual, YMMV.