Thanks, Danny the AV-1's sound great

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Thanks, Danny the AV-1's sound great
« on: 7 Oct 2003, 04:52 am »
I finally got my kit put together, and I have to say that it exceeded my expectations. I was forcing myself to get them completely esthetically finished before listening to them because I have a tendency to stop once I get them sounding good.

It is hard to buy something online without a critical listening, but after all of the research I've done over the years, especially in the past few weeks online, the $220 I spent for the AV-1 kit has been money well spent. All of the specs, the design philosophy looked like it would work just right. And now I know in actual experience that it does work very well.

Because of the small, compact boxes, and good dispersion qualities of the drivers, the speakers project a very expansive stereo image. The bass is pretty good, even without a sub. That little 5.5-inch driver is amazing. You can't really see any cone flapping, but prodigious amounts of good, fast bass and exquisitely detailed midrange are coming from the boxes. The tweeter is very detailed, but not harsh in the least.

I only have a $60-buck EBay late 70's Kenwood amp on them, and it is driving them quite nicely, effortlessly.

I have sampled a wide variety of music on them tonight, from Steve Earle to Oingo Boingo, very mushy Nat King Cole, technopop, Blood Sweat & Tears, etc.  etc and they were very listenable, musical, and detailed.

The only think I wish for, and only on some cuts, is a bit more extremly low bass, so the next project is adding a sub to to this. But I think I can live with it just fine without this for a while. I'm on a very short budget but so far I've got a lot of bang for my limited budget.


Thanks, Danny the AV-1's sound great
« Reply #1 on: 7 Oct 2003, 05:13 am »
I don't recall the model of the sub I listened to at VSAC in the GR Research room Sunday afternoon, But it was a hell of a nice little sub. Ran great with the A/V-3's Danny had going at the time. He'd be able to tell you who made it. All I recall was that it was a 10" Adire XBL2 driver in the box.

I was quite impressed with the A/V-3's when I listened to them this weekend. And Danny was really cool to chat with as well. I loved it when he pulled out Metallica at the end of the day Sunday and cranked it! :mrgreen: Definitely one of the highlights of the show for me. Never heard Metallica sound so good...

So based on my listening to the A/V-3's this weekend, I'd say you did pretty well picking out the A/V-1's. I'm not sure how close the A/V-1's come to the A/V-3's. But if the A/V-1's even come remotely close to the A/V-3's (which I'd bet they come really close) your A/V-1's must sound great.

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Thanks, Danny the AV-1's sound great
« Reply #2 on: 7 Oct 2003, 02:05 pm »
I love my AV-1s, and would not give them up for much (ok, well maybe a pair of AV-3s :D ).  They will sound better as they break in.

You made a great choice and welcome to the club.