Where is my order?

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Where is my order?
« on: 29 Jan 2008, 12:45 am »

The last communication I received from you on my order was January 21, 2008. Even though I've ordered the Rectangles with the new spring mount system, you only had inventory with the T-nut. You offered to paint the T-nut and I could still use the Rectangle with the new mounting system or you said you could recover the Rectangle which would take some time. I responded the same day indicating you could paint the T-nut and ship the order. I haven't heard a word since. My order was placed two months ago. I would like to know when you plan to ship it to me.

Birmingham, AL


Re: Where is my order?
« Reply #1 on: 27 Feb 2008, 05:04 pm »
I have been working with Tony over the past month regarding payment issues with PayPal, that are not the fault of Tony in any way.  I apologize for the delays this has caused, and Tony has been more than patient with me trying to resolve these issues with PayPal.  As I stated to him, I will be shipping his order regardless, although PayPal has not released payment to me.  I know this can be a difficult situation, and in this case, I'll just take the loss.  Tony is a previous customer and has expressed to me his happiness with the performance of the products.  I'm sorry that this transaction has been less than ideal, and since PayPal is no longer a payment option that I will utilize, I hope that this is the last case of its kind.

Best Regards,

Nathan Loyer
Eighth Nerve