model i34 update - letter to customers

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model i34 update - letter to customers
« on: 10 Dec 2007, 02:24 am »
The following email was sent today to customers who bought the model i34 amplifier. It was sent from Tonight I received one "recipient unknown" notice and I'm concerned that with others it may be blocked by a spam filter. Hopefully this redundancy will ensure that everybody is notified (from what I know, all of the customers visit Audio Circle):

"[greetings]......In response to customer comments the design has been
updated to increase input sensitivity. Original
sensitivity, even though it was supposed to be adequate
according to the Red Book standard, turned out to be
too low for some CD and most DVD players.

We have decided to offer the update to all existing
customers free of charge. Your only responsibility is
shipping charge to NY. We will pay for the return

Lead time for the update is 4 weeks after receiving
the amplifier.

Please note that, as with every modification, the
update makes subtle changes to the amplifier's sound.
If you are currently satisfied with its performance,
there is a chance that you are better off without the

If you do not want the update, I would like to offer
you the deep discount on the upgrade power cord -
AudioLimits Shield 3.1 (retail price $65.00): $35,
shipping included......[closing]"

If you did not receive the email, please contact me directly.