Turntable Power Supply

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Turntable Power Supply
« on: 27 Oct 2007, 07:17 pm »
Hi guys,
Anybody knows how to DIY turntable PSU like Project Speedbox SE?
I thinking something that put out normal line voltage (240V here in OZ) with adjustable freq to control the speed (50Hz being standart to give 33rpm). Turntable is Rega P3.
Jim, I know you have many project in your plate, but this could be a good half kit like Bugle? I've been searching and practically nobody offer this as kit. The ceapest PSU is Project at US$500...

Thanks in advance


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Re: Turntable Power Supply
« Reply #1 on: 27 Oct 2007, 07:36 pm »
FYI, Heed Audio's Orbit lists for $300, not a kit, designed fot the P3.


Re: Turntable Power Supply
« Reply #2 on: 27 Oct 2007, 10:42 pm »
This has been a kit idea on the back burner for a long time.  There is probably something in the forum here maybe two or three years back.  I just never got around to it.  There were a lot of requests for a lot of features.  Not just adjustable frequency (in tiny increments), but also variable output voltage.  Seems those ac motors run a bit quieter on less voltage.  Give them full juice to come up to speed, then drop it to maybe 60%.  Depends on the table.  Some like the higher torque, others prefer less cogging.

Probably will never get around to it.



Re: Turntable Power Supply
« Reply #3 on: 28 Oct 2007, 02:17 am »
You sound like me, but then I found this,


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Re: Turntable Power Supply
« Reply #4 on: 28 Oct 2007, 02:31 am »
Maybe the basic PSU would be good: 50Hz or 60Hz plus fine calibration and for 33/45 rpm. Output voltage could be set with transformer? ie if the generator gives 24V Ac, then 24V to 110V in US and 24 to 240V in OZ or other places?
Most commercial one I think is only basic.
Then you can make the extravagant full featured unit for your finish product (10 series?) ..
Just a thougt



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Re: Turntable Power Supply
« Reply #5 on: 3 Nov 2007, 09:26 am »
I was wondering if a Jung Super Regulator kit might work.  AT Tunes sells the highly regarded ALW PCB for just a few pounds which is a slightly modified JSR that allows you to determine the output voltage in both positive and negative up to 34V.

However, I don't know its suitability for turntable power supplies but given the simplicity of the PS on my Michell TT it would have to be an improvement on what I have already.



Re: Turntable Power Supply
« Reply #6 on: 3 Nov 2007, 07:35 pm »
I guess nobody got my joke.  :roll:

You could make a rim drive!  I'd buy that if it wasn't $1500 like the Teres one.


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Re: Turntable Power Supply
« Reply #7 on: 7 Nov 2007, 06:35 pm »
I've got so many round tuit's that I'm selling them 10 for a $1.

Anyway, I'm currently working on a project which will create a variable frequency/voltage output. The frequency increments will be .1Hz and I'm hoping to get the output voltage variable from 60 - 120 volts. Power output will be suitable for the standard 3 watt AC Premotech motors. The whole thing is built from readily available kits and parts from good 'ole Radio Shack.

Once it's done I'll post my results here along with all the parts used.