Roxy Remastered?

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Roxy Remastered?
« on: 9 Jan 2003, 06:46 pm »
Browsing CDUniverse, I see that they have all the early Roxy Music CD's listed as "Remastered HDCD".  I have all the "originals" and was wondering if anyone had listened to any of these "Remastered HDCD" versions, and if so, recommend the upgrade.


I'll have to give it another listen
« Reply #1 on: 9 Jan 2003, 07:11 pm »
I have one of those CD's, but I've only used it at the radio station.  I also don't have an HDCD capable player at home, but I should give it a listen on my system at some point.  To me it was a worthwhile purchase either way. :)


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Roxy Remastered?
« Reply #2 on: 10 Jan 2003, 09:46 pm »
I have the Virgin HDCD 'Avalon' and think that it was a nice improvement over my old Reprise CD. Virgin will probably release the catalog in SACD as well.