denon dvd2900

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denon dvd2900
« on: 4 Sep 2003, 03:15 pm »
Hey all after an unsuccessful post about tweeters I took a look at exactly what the critic's circle is about and have realised its for reader reviews!


Obviously this is a review about the Denon dvd2900.  I picked up this baby a week ago, so this review isn’t of a broken in player, although, it has been playing non stop since then.  It cost me $1650 aust, rrp is $2k, and most places quoted me $1800 but this guy obviously wanted my business!

First thing I tried was Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors, I have noted that the player is slow to read dvda titles taking ~ 12 seconds to load the menu... from there you need to select enter, enter to get it to start to play multi channel, usually, though some start automatically (such as this title).   Until I get used to it I just turn the TV on to start with so I’m not blind - I think ill need to memorise procedure each time to each different disk unfortunately!  

It sounded great… definitely the best sound I have ever heard produced by this stereo so far.  Which by the way is:  400w a channel class a/b fet amp similar to ASKA designs, with 50 litre 25mm mdf 3 way rear ported Vifa driver based speakers using 18db/oct high quality components in the crossover and good cabling all round….Previously it was being driven by an Audigy 2 in a htpc.

The bass was much tighter and cleaner and the highs sounded better although I did notice somewhat a washed feel to the highest of highs … and when it got really busy it wasn’t all that well defined at the top end…. i.e.… I can ‘imagine’ it being better but it was still the best I have ever heard.

sacd's implementation in this player (or perhaps the sacd's themselves) seem better designed not only do they take only 7 seconds to load but the conveniently located sacd setup button changes between the layers although it starts from the beginning of the disk again (taking 2 seconds).

Its also apparent that sacd's sound significantly more real than dvda.  Some parts of the music (peter gabriel’s passion and dsotm) sounded unbelievably real… like the bells at the start of that track on dsotm and some of the drum work on passion.

My entire cd collection sounded better… so much so I can bear to listen to them over records now.  :o

Video quality is cool too. Uuuummmm any questions?