LotR: TT for X'box

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Rob Babcock

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LotR: TT for X'box
« on: 1 Sep 2003, 11:19 pm »
My brother just bought this one today, and it definately rocks!  Fantastic graphics & sound, very solid gameplay.  They do an awesome job of incorporating clips from the film seamlessly into the game, and I think they got all the actors from the film to do the voices.  All in all a super game.  And it's on sale @ BB for $30!


LotR: TT for X'box
« Reply #1 on: 30 Oct 2003, 06:53 am »
This is a very fun game and perhaps the only cross platform game ever that was voted as being the best on GAMECUBE :o  :o

I rented it for both my Xbox and GCN and the development team for the GCN version did a much better job for whatever reason.  Regardless, the game is a hack and slash masterpiece.