After the initial 4 triangles (corners) what next?

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jaspal kallar

After the initial 4 triangles (corners) what next?
« on: 10 Sep 2007, 08:36 am »
I was wondering if you upgrade a bit at a time after getting the initial 4 triangles (corners) what is the best way forward. For example, say I only have enough money for 2/3 rectangles. Would I do the front wall (i.e the one behind the speakers) or do I do the back wall or the side 2 walls?

I understand that it's of course room dependent (mine being around 15'x13', speakers on the long wall).
My aim is to get the 4 triangles and then a bit later 3 rectangles. Of course the aim is to get to the full suggested set, but that's not always possible money wise in one swoop. Maybe adding bitwise one appreciates each change more.




Re: After the initial 4 triangles (corners) what next?
« Reply #1 on: 12 Sep 2007, 05:03 pm »
It depends on your room where you'll get the best results, so send along pictures and I can let you know how to proceed.

You will certainly notice improvements along the way, and yeah, sometimes it can be fun to go piece by piece!