HD2 Headphone amp: Excellent Product and Superb Service

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I just wanted to thank Dr. Lloyd and leave some feedback about his product and service.

It is a pleasure to deal with Dr. Lloyd. He happily offered custom options at a very modest price.
I had minor issue with the headphone amp, the good Dr. fixed it for no charge.

The amp is still burning in (with stock tubes) - the amp sounds very good and neutral. It does not sound like tubes or solid state.
It seems to have all audiophile qualities. If anything I could use some more bass - but that could be because of my headphones. Currently, my headphone setup (AKG701 with Silver dragon re-cabling and mini cable and iMod) sounds better overall compared to my 2 channel setup.
I'll probably do a more detailed writeup once the amp is broken in.

Thank you