Power conditioning and cryo treating

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Power conditioning and cryo treating
« Reply #40 on: 5 Sep 2003, 10:47 pm »
Quote from: audiojerry
I am gratified that others are discovering the tremendous value and benefit these very inexpensive units provide. Me, psychic, and a few others took advantage of this opportunity well over a year ago, and tried to bring it to folks' attention on Harmonic Discord back then. It was greeted with some disbelief and ridicule.  :nono:

I think part of the reason for the doubters is that the Powervar's were so damn cheap ($35 and $40) for my two units, and it's hard to convince someone that something so cheap c ...

Well, some people get on track, some don't get it and introduce mockery and sarcasm.  Some, like my friend Doug S. get some of it and call this a "tweak"! :roll:

Those who get it can reallize how inexpensive and how great of an improvement is brought by proper power delivery/noise control.  It allows the system to operate effortlessly and becomes a stable operational platform.  I have learned a lot this past year and a half due to being unemployed and then on a job that pays me to be on standby, whether I work or not.  I have experimented with a lot of things and developed relationships with key people (like Dejan, Deano and Sean).  There are specific changes that happen as this gets better and better but I will not post them.  I already have e-mailed Jerry with some of my findings.  Lak is fully aware, as he has been here several times and has had the opportunity to experiment in my system.  He says that people don't understand what I'm trying to say--that this must be experienced.  Well, he did make some serious changes in his power rig after starting to work with me and nowadays his setup is as close to perfect as it can get. :mrgreen:

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OFF topic: does "Oneac" remind anyone else of the
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"That Thing You Do"??  Starred Tom Hanks as the manager of a Beatlesesque group named the "Oneders" (meant to be pronounced "Wonders" but invariably pronounced "o- NEED-ers" by emcees unfamiliar with the group).