Soffit Mounting The Bigger PMC Speakers

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Soffit Mounting The Bigger PMC Speakers
« on: 26 Aug 2003, 11:04 pm »
The PMC web-site says that the MB2 and BB5 may be soffit mounted. I assume this means they are mounted with the front face flush to a wall. Does this affect the sound (as opposed to mounting on stands) ?

The web-site doesn't mention it, but can the IB1 be soffit mounted as well ?

James Tanner

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Soffit Mounting The Bigger PMC Speakers
« Reply #1 on: 31 Aug 2003, 02:26 pm »
Hi jethro,

Soffit mounting is OK but the speaker should protrude from the soffit at least an inch or so - the more the better - otherwise imaging can be affected by the surface of the soffit. In studios the soffit is always completely dead acoustically and the walls are built with concrete - wood will resonate and cause a real mid-bass problem. All cavities behind the soffit must be filled wilt rockwool or other type of damping material.
The other issue with soffits is that energy below about 80Hz will get a 3dB boost in output compared to stand mounting.
The IB1's can be soffit mounted.