Rega P3 in Silver w/Elys 2 Cartridge $529 OBO

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Rega P3 in Silver w/Elys 2 Cartridge $529 OBO
« on: 7 Jun 2007, 02:05 am »
Rega P3 in silver with very low miles at just 6 months old. Wonderful table/cartridge synergy. If you've been thinking of getting into vinyl but the price of admission has been too high here is an opportunity to enter and enjoy on a budget. This deck has brought the joy of records back to me in a very big way...I will miss it but I have decided to upgrade at a cost of over twice what I paid for this...diminishing returns and all of that you know. Has the usual light dusting swirls on the dustcover but otherwise perfect. $529 OBO. Pictures available upon request. Thanks for lookin'.