FS: Squeezebox 3 (10/10 used for 2 hours) & Incredible Power suppy parts

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I have decided to put off my new digital project of building some high end power supply units for the SB3.

I am selling my new SB3 black & silver faceplate with white back & remote control (10/10) for $225.00 + shipping and paypal.

I am also going to sell all the high quality power supply parts that I have been purchasing for the last month.

Here is a list below

2 - Condor HB5-3 hospital grade power supply units (NOS)

2 - High Quality Aluminum enclosures for power supply

2 - Furutech Rhodium IEC

2 - Cryo'd Fuses

2 - Cryo'd Fuseholders

3 feet Mundorf cryo'd gold/silver hook up wire

I spent over $230 on the power supply parts and they are all new and unused.  These were the best parts I could find regardless of cost.  Someone who has been wanting to build a serious power supply for the SB3 will be in luck.  This is basically what will be needed to build two power supply units.

I am going to ask for $200 + shipping & paypal for the parts since they are all unused and very high quality.

The best deal I am going to offer is for the SB3 & power supply parts as a lot for $425 delivered and paypal fees included.




Is the Sb3 wireless?


Is the Sb3 wireless?

Yes it is wireless.  It is their latest model that is still available on their website.  I just changed my mind on the project.


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Is anything else needed to complete the power supplies?

Cheers,  Nick


Is anything else needed to complete the power supplies?

Cheers,  Nick

All you need is a DC Plug and you're in business. You can buy the DC plug from Radio Shack or this higher quality Switchcraft 760 DC Plug from mouser.com. Here is the link to the part #.

With these parts, you can build a kick butt power supply for your SB3.


$415 delivered to AC member for the entire package. 

This is a great deal for someone looking to jump into the SB3 and linear power supply. 

Do not forget there are enough parts for 2 very high end power supply units for the SB3.

I do not want to go through the trouble of placing an Audiogon ad but I do need to sell this quickly.

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