sound stage music type question

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sound stage music type question
« on: 11 Aug 2003, 01:06 pm »
Thanks, James. I think you may be able to answer this one. In the matter of what I think is called the soundfield, or sound stage. I'm wondering about amplified, rock and roll. It seems to me that in the case of live "rock concert" there would be no sound field regaurdless of stage location. I don't expect to be right, but is there any anser to what the case would really be? And more importantly, what if anything is common in the studio? I have read where one fellow said he can here a soundfield that is so large and clear it is as if he could get up and walk around inbetween the musicisons. [I can't remember what music] other times comments about sound originating outside of, behind etc. the speakers  I only listen to electric music [guitars, bass, drums, keyboard] almost all studio recordings from about 1969 and on tapering off to a trickle by the early- mid 1980's to present and I don't really know what is there to here. I have not really ever cared about it, if I like the way it sounds, I am happy. But still I am curious, if there really is something there to appreciate, I should spend a little time on it. As usual thanks with double helpings. Larry  
 In case it is important, I should mention that my system is stereo 5 way each side consists of   7BNRB[2-EVM18MT], 7BST[2-EVM15B], PP120[1-EVM12L] 3BST[6"and tweeter]   Please spare me no critisism, or advice, I may not be typical,and make no claims of high-end or such. but it sounds better than great to me, and I'll bet a contender for most durable system anywhere. [V. big smile.]

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sound stage music type question
« Reply #1 on: 12 Aug 2003, 07:44 pm »
Hi vettemanbc,

Given the venue of a live rock concert I would agree that stage location is a none issue most of the time due to the way the speaker PA systems are arranged - manybe left/right is all we can hope for.

In a studio though it is a different question. The engineer assumes a central seat directly in front of the stage and uses the mics and mixing board to place instrument in a sound field. All recordings I have been a part of tries to creat this sense of 3 dimensional space with either 2 channel or 5.

That is why in my opinion if you want to replicate in your home as closely as possible the studio recording you need to use point source speakers and sit within a triangle.