"Piccolo" MC Headamp opamp

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"Piccolo" MC Headamp opamp
« on: 28 Apr 2007, 12:26 am »
I saw the Piccolo board and it looks like there is an opamp. Which one? And can you use the LM4562 in swap?


Re: "Piccolo" MC Headamp opamp
« Reply #1 on: 28 Apr 2007, 02:02 am »
No opamps in this baby.  The DIP chip is the power supply.  It takes the filtered and regulated (TO-220-5) input dc voltage and performs both a doubling and inversion, thereby creating +8V and -4V rails.  For the discrete differential transistor stages to work with a grounded input and output signal, the negative supply is necessary.  I use it for constant current sinks to load both the differential and output follower stages.

Both supply rails get very heavy duty passive filtering, eventually dropping to about +7V and -3V after resistive losses.