Eighth Nerve Price Change - May 1st

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Eighth Nerve Price Change - May 1st
« on: 25 Apr 2007, 05:22 pm »
Due to the increasing cost of all materials used in the Adapt series of products, including insulation, wood, plastic, fabric and metal parts, I am forced to increase the price of the Adapt Rectangle and Triangle, effective May 1st.  Fortunately we have made significant improvements to these products over the last few years, increasing their performance, quality and fit and finish.  We are now shipping Version 3 of this line.  Our customers continue to be shocked at the improvement these products provide, eclipsing any upgrades they have made in many years.

The Rectangles will be priced at $250 and the Triangles at $175.  Any orders placed before May 1st will be at the old prices, so if you were considering a purchase or upgrade, now is the time!

We are now shipping Rectangles with an installation supplement, which includes 4 rubber bumpers as seen in the Triangle mounting kit.  It has come to my attention that the instructions for the distance required between the product edge and the wall/ceiling surface is not strong enough.  This distance is critical!  Using these bumpers will make the distance exact.  Enterprising customers should still feel free to make small adjustments to fine-tune sound quality, but everyone should start from this standard distance.  If you experience any loss of sound quality with horizontally installed Rectangles, this should be a red flag that they are not properly installed!

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Nathan Loyer
Eighth Nerve


Re: Eighth Nerve Price Change - May 1st
« Reply #1 on: 3 May 2007, 09:32 pm »
I agree the gap is really important. Make sure it is not too small. Too small makes the room sound worse than no rectangles!! (IMO) I don't know how or why the gap is so critical, but these things are powerful! It makes me wonder what other objects in the room are screwing with the sound because they are a 1/4" out of place...  :lol: 

Someone I trust suggested that point of diminishing returns in gap distance doesn't occur until about an inch of gap! I don't know about that from my own experience, but I intend to check it out!! In my experience, the rubber bumper distance (about 3/8") is too small, at least with the bumpers I got in my version 2 rectangles. I have my rects set to the maximum distance the brackets will allow, which is about 1/2" or a little more. I plan to make some custom brackets to try even bigger gaps, but I know they won't be as purty as Nathans nice acrylic jobs.

A couple other things I learned from installing 15 pieces of Adapt.  Make a postcard with the 3" dimension marked on a short edge. Then you can mark distances easier in the wall corner then slide the postcard along the wall to the marks and extend them out to the 3" mark on the postcard which is perpendicular to the wall. It is much easier than measuring distances 3" out from the corner, or extending the corner mark out with a tape measure. Another tip: Drill 1/16" pilot holes in the drywall before installing the screws, and use a hand screwdriver to install the screws/hooks, not a power drill. You will need to feel the right amount of torque to make the connection tight without stripping the gypsum threads.

I also found that the rubber bumpers tend to stick to the wallpaint and will tear it off after only a day of contact. I have version 2 Adapts, so not sure if same size or material bumpers are being used. Maybe put a piece of scotch tape over the bumper where it will touch the wall or something. Because I feel the gap with the bumpers is too small, mine don't even touch the wall anyway, and I will not use them on my next installation. The thumb screws can be tightened enough by hand so the angle holds and the bumpers are not necessary, but YMMV! Wingnut screws would tighten even more but not as purty.

Nathan, how is Ver 3 changed from Ver 2?  Thanks!