Amp Stands

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Amp Stands
« on: 29 Mar 2007, 11:52 pm »
I called Klaus last night to check on the status of my order for the Mono Extreme SEs (shipping within 2 weeks, yeh!) and he talked me into going ahead and ordering the Candela.  He told me the waiting time for the Candela is pretty long as he has a pretty long list of orders.  Anyway, I was talking to Klaus about audio furniture (I am still searching for somthing acceptable to both me and the wife) and he recommended I give Arnold at Core Furniture ( a call.  Klaus said he had used the Core Amp Stands at a recent audio show and highly recommended them.

I spoke with Arnold of Core Furniture today and learned he used to be (may still be) a Symphonic Line Dealer.  After decribing my needs Arnold e-mailed me some detailed picutures of his equipment racks and amp stands.  Everything appears to be high quality and priced fairly for Black Walnut.   

I would like to know if most of you use Amp Stands and if you have experience with the Core Furniture equipment racks?



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Re: Amp Stands
« Reply #1 on: 30 Mar 2007, 01:01 am »
Klaus had their stands at RMAF. Build quality was very impressive.


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Re: Amp Stands
« Reply #2 on: 30 Mar 2007, 03:43 pm »
I picked up a pair of used Zeothecus amp stands used, but near mint condition.
These things are strong enough to hold a couple hundred pounds without the slightest groan. Before that I had a pair of Targets (think they were anyway), and they were not up to the 75lb of weight.
    I really liked the racks that were on the link you supplied, and may invest in a LP rack. My current speakers are of lace wood as well, but think I'd rather had them in walnut. Also looks like I'd have to have two units as I have close to a thousand LP's right now, and I'm in the market for some good book cases. May just drop this one on my Amish friends over by Milroy.