Technics SL 150 with SME 3009 II (detach. headshell) w/Shure V15

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I took this TT in partial trade for my amps from a fellow A'goner, but I already have a SP25 and SL1300, so this one will go.

Its fully setup and ready to go with a almost new Shure V15 cart. 

I rate it a 7 mainly due to age, appearance is very good.

only quibble is the 33 rpm switch sometimes has to be tapped to play after rotating the switch. I thik it needs a cleaning.

I paid a bit more than what I am asking, so no low ballers please.

buyer pays shipping from 31535.

i am at work and that is the only pic i have at the moment.


i guess a price is in order...450 including shipping.


or make an offer...


extra pics...of the RCA's and headshell cables.


Bump for a great needs to I have a SP-10 MKII with Obsidian base w. Sumiko 3009 II, a SP-25 with Sumiko MMT, and an auto Technics SL-1300....

350.00 and someone can have this one...

Magic Robert

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You have a PM, an offer, and a bump.


arm is gone....I am left with the table...

Anyone can have it for 150 bucks.


Ok, table is still here, and have another SME3009 (ii).  missing one mounting screw and tonearm lift might be troublesome..other than that, the arm looks good, plays great and all that jazz

300 bucks for the combo